From Tanaka of engineering works to world Tanaka
I regard the "maintenance of the global environment" "symbiosis with nature and the human being" as the biggest theme and I go to the company playing an active part in the world and continue challenging it.
2019 typhoon No.19

12 state control law of nature bank of a river rip points

Tanaka takes a social mission to contribute to disaster prevention, genwazawai of the country.

Of the state control law of nature bank of a river which collapsed by typhoon No.19 in 2019
We supply most seats to urgent restoration construction.
[drone picture of the dike rip point] (the Kanto district maintenance station) (do processing (reduction of working hours), and make it)
It is eco-friendly, and nature harmonizes with a person better. I develop such a business.
Engineering works material business
A river and harbor, Grass-proof,
Tree planting, reinforcement soil, a road.
Industrial material business
A seat and filter,
Exterior products.
Material business for foreign countries
Of developing countries
Infrastructure maintenance business.
Engineering works material business
A public works project in main a river, a harbor, Grass-proof, a road, a tunnel, a bridge.
I work on the making of easy living environment that environment can harmonize with a person.
Product introduction
It is for disaster restoration measures
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Material business for industrial material business, foreign countries
In "the frontier" more than frames of the business existing as for the Tanaka Co., Ltd.
I will always create new value as the company where I continue challenging.
With a global field of vision, the infrastructure maintenance of developing countries
I contribute to development of the international community.
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