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Material for the river

Need full water shielding mat
Need full water shielding mat
The Need full water shielding mat is Impermeable sheet for the dike slope which compounds, and unified the still water sheet of the high quality and the nonwoven fabrics (shoddy felt with the reinforcement basis cloth) mainly composed of synthetic fibers.
1. Frictional force with the soil increases by being superior to properties of matter such as strength, stretchability, the durability as I use pure polyvinyl chloride (PVC) of the high quality or ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin (EVA) for the materials of the still water sheet, and touching the wrinkle of the consecutive lozenge on the surface more, and the slipper effect at the slope improves
2. Because I use shoddy felt (JIS-L-3204 three kinds 4 conformity product) with the synthetic fiber reinforcement basis cloth for reinforcement mat, there is elastic power of absorption (cushion characteristics) and protects a unified still water seat from the shock with the risings such as concrete blocks

■A use:
1. Leak of water measures of the river building a breakwater
■Specifications:  -Product catalogue -
  Need full water shielding mat
Article number
Wrinkle part belonging to
Effective width (m)
Thickness (mm) Still water sheet materials
Still water sheet Reinforcement mat
WSP-10R 2 With 1.0+ wrinkle 10 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
WSP-10E 2 With 1.0+ wrinkle 10 Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin (EVA)
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