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Material for the river

Levy guard
Levy guard
The dike not to let the river overflow is essential. The dike serves as the role as the oasis which is full of green other than the purpose to prevent a flood. I can let you grow thick without disturbing that a plant grows it and reduce erosion action with the running water by further reinforcing an erosion-resistant of those plants, and Levy overpass is the prevention of erosion seat that I developed from a point of view preventing the environmental conservation of the dike and erosion to contribute to a dike damage, the flooding.
1.Because the Levy guard can fill the earth and sand easily, I am superior in construction characteristics
2.As three-dimensional plexus body and halftone plate structure nets are unified, it is high-strength and puts you under restraint each other and is superior in compressibility-resistant and shape stability
3.As material itself is soft, it is impact-resistant and can perform necessary folding and flattery to the ground at the time of implantation easily
4.I prevent burr rise by the root of the plant penetrating Levy guard, and a plant, Levy guard, the ground being united
5.The constitution materials that let the three dimensions connect with each other become the resistance for running water and they reduce speed and prevent erosion of the ground
6.I am superior in workability from the thing that the seat top is grippy, and is comfortable to walk in because I have cushion characteristics
7.I can perform the cutting of the seat with scissors easily

1.Prevention of river building a breakwater erosion
 Levy guard
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