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Material for the harbor

NEEDFL mattress mat
NEEDFL mattress mat
The NEEDFL mattress mat is compound Geotextiles with the permeability to show an effect for the root hardening with the scouring prevention of the earth and sand and the wave-dissipating block.
1. Because use a permeable synthetic fiber nonwoven fabric including a filter function; the scouring of river bank of the earth and sand
    But, I can expect it
2. For the high-strength mat that strength of the wire netting and the strength of the synthetic fiber nonwoven fabric are unified, I block it,
    I prevent nonequivalent subsidence such as the sacrifice
3. It is noncorrosive and can expect a long-term effect because I use superior wire netting for weatherability, water resistance

1. Scouring prevention of the building a breakwater
2. Root hardening of the wave-dissipating block
3. Stability of the sacrifice building a breakwater
4. Prevention of soil draw-out of the inning building a breakwater
5. Root hardening of the bridge pier
 NEEDFL mattress mat
Article numberfuku (m)Length (m)Wire netting type
NNW-10A15Vinyl chloride coating wire netting
NW-2515Vinyl chloride coating wire netting
NKW-70025Molten zinc -10% aluminum alloy plating wire netting
SQ-1602-65-20Molten zinc -10% aluminum alloy plating wire netting
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