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Material for the drainage

The geo-stream is a drainage seat of the multi-layer structure that is high-dimensional, and balanced pressure tightness, permeability by decrypting a catchment effect and the high-strength polyolefin-based three-dimensional net form body which are the characteristic of the nonwoven fabric.
1. Because I use a polyolefin-based three-dimensional net-formed body full of elasticity with high strength for a heart, I can find the void which is moderate in saikajuji
2. The outer layer filter has outstanding drainage performance to be superior in permeability
3. As I am superior in weatherability, medicine-resistant characteristics, microbe-resistant characteristics with the outer layer filter and the heart, I show an effect for long-term use
4. Because it is flexible, it is lightweight and follows the construction ground and can perform the cutting that accepted the spot easily

■A use:
1. Laying earth on the ground horizontal drainage materials (drainage effect, compaction promotion effect)
■Specifications:  -Product catalogue -
Article number Thickness (mm) Width (m) Length (m)
GS-30 5 0.3 50
GS-50 5 0.5 50
GS-100 5 1 50
GS-200 5 2 50
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