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Material for the drainage

Permanent filter
Permanent filter
Retaining walls are used as the back side drainage materials, and the permanent filter prevents the destruction of the structure such as retaining walls by the stagnant water of the penetration water.
1. I collect water by a special raw water transmission filter and play a role to lead to the draining off hole
2. Because a catchment area is big, it is effective to lead water to the outside of the retaining wall with the penetration water from the natural hill caused by heavy rains quickly
3. I am equipped with a fiber filter superior in permeability inside and prevent an outflow and the blocking of the earth and sand
4. The body has the very high durability for synthetic resinousness
5. Carrying around is easy at light weight, and workability is good

■A use:
1. The back side drainage such as concrete retaining walls
■Specifications:  -Product catalogue -
 Permanent filter
Article number Thickness (mm) Diameter (mm) Mass (g/ unit) Catchment surface area (cm2) Raw water transmission pipe diameter (mmφ)
V-1 138 300 800 About 1,000 50
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