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Tree planting, multi-nature connection material

Garfish Don ace
Garfish Don ace
The garfish Don ace unifies the filament which assumes polyolefin system a main material in combination with wire netting by specially processing it and is a flexible three-dimensional net-formed body.
1. As it is three-dimensional net-formed body structure, even a steep slope ground prevents an outflow of erosion and the vegetation base material
2. I endure kijo of the soil by frost heaving and the freeze enough by unifying a filament and wire netting and show hajikoka of the superior soil
3. kimbaku does the blowing soil only in comparison with conventional wire netting and protects the slope with a strong base
4. An atmospheric layer by the three-dimensional net-formed body structure is made, and the activity of the root of the plant increases

■A use:
1. Slope tree planting of the steep slope
2. Tree planting of the soft rock slope
3. Slope tree planting of whitebait, volcanic ashes
4. Other park tree planting
■Specifications:  -Product catalogue -
  Garfish Don ace
Article number Thickness (mm) Mass (g/m2)
PW-200(A) 25 400
PW-200(B) 15 300
Tanaka Co., Ltd.
12-23, Miyacho, Izumiotsu-shi, Osaka
Fiber composition material for engineering works, the construction
(Geo-synthetic) ・
Industrial material production, sale

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