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Disposal ground connection material

NEEDFL still water sheet
NEEDFL still water sheet
An NEEDFL still water sheet is a still water sheet in the engineering works construction such as a harbor, the reservoir. As I am superior in flexibility, and the thermal adhesion is possible, I am superior in construction characteristics.
1. I show a stable still water effect even if I bury it to the earth and sand and concrete as I am familiar with the irregularities of the construction base well because I am superior in the elasticity, flexibility and mechanical strength is high
2. -resistant; is superior in aging-related weatherability, medicine-resistant characteristics, and do not corrode to seawater and the filthy water which acid, alkali were included in either. In addition, I endure long-term use because I am superior in friction-resistant characteristics
3. As I assume soft vinyl chloride materials, certain water shielding perform it without doing water absorption, water permeance and is suitable as waterproofing materials
4. One body by the thermal adhesion is possible

■A use:
1. Still water of the wastes, industrial waste inning disposal ground
2. Clouded water sedimantation basin, still water of the construction waste fluid processing pond
3. Reservoir for the agriculture, still water of the residential land development adjustment reservoir
4. Breakwater, bosahisage, rikishihisage, still water of the inning building a breakwater
■Specifications:  -Product catalogue -
NEEDFL still water sheet
Article number Thickness (mm)  Width (m) Length (m)
WS-0.5 0.5 2 20
2 40
WS-1 1 1 25
2 10
2 20
WS-1.5 1.5 2 20
WS-2 2 2 20
WS-3 3 1 20
Examination item Unit Test method Value of standard
Specific gravity JIS K 7112 1.35 The following
Hardness JIS K 6773 65 or more
Tensile strength N/cm2 JIS A 6008 1570 or more
Growth rate % JIS A 6008 300 or more
Tear strength N/cm JIS A 6008 440 or more
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