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Grass-proof-related material

The big three-dimensional net-formed body and scale of mesh of the void where a filament intertwined with each other complicatedly in the three dimensions are the composition products with the small mesh seat.
1. The herb grows it laterally without dying
2. I prevent a coming flying class
3. The ground reinforcement by the root of the plant is possible
4. I do not disturb prevention and penetration of the rainwater under the ground in Herault John by the raindrop
5. The pest reproduction and nonproliferation are possible
6. The application to the faitoremedieshon (environmental remediation due to the plant) technique by choosing a plant species ideally is possible
7. I can expect carbon dioxide assimilation, the nitrogen assimilation due to a plant and the microbe
8. There is thermal insulation, a humidity retention effect
9. The combination with a tree and the useful plant is possible, too
10.The net part can perform repair easily

■A use:
1. Road slope
2. Railroad slope
3. Power station
4. Road planning site
■Specifications:  -Product catalogue -
Thickness (mm) Width (m) Length (m) Mesh part scale of mesh
25 2 10 1 mm or less
Tanaka Co., Ltd.
12-23, Miyacho, Izumiotsu-shi, Osaka
Fiber composition material for engineering works, the construction
(Geo-synthetic) ・
Industrial material production, sale

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