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Land creation, ground reinforcement connection material

Fan den good self-care sheet
Fan den good self-care sheet
A fan den good self-care sheet to play an active part for concrete construction from Okinawa of the summer heat to Hokkaido of the intense cold.
1. The type that matched is prepared for by right person for the right place
2. I have superior heat retention
3. Insulation, the thermal effect is most suitable for good self-care during the cold
4. I play an active part in the water absorptive good point for good self-care in the middle of summer

1. Concrete pavement of the road
2. The caisson upper part mechanic good self-care
3. Every others concrete construction
 Fan den good self-care sheet
Article numberThickness (mm)fuku (m)Length (m)Mass (g/m2)
   M-3  10130210
NO.53  1 1.250300
Tanaka Co., Ltd.
12-23, Miyacho, Izumiotsu-shi, Osaka
Fiber composition material for engineering works, the construction
(Geo-synthetic) ・
Industrial material production, sale

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