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Land creation, ground reinforcement connection material

Inter-force IG
Inter-force IG
Inter-force IG is a geo-grid developed for the purpose of reinforcement of the ground including the laying earth on the ground to the soft ground top. I cope with the reinforcement of the soil structure with the superior strength and durability by a net comprised of polyester fiber widely.
1. On earth halftone plate structure is easy to become the restriction, and it can show big frictional force soil for halftone plate structure
2. As I assume high strength polyester fiber material, I have a superior creep characteristic at high strength, low stretchability
3. There is not the gap of the halftone plate by special resin coating and is superior in weatherability, medicine-resistant characteristics, microbe-resistant characteristics
4. I do not inhibit permeability, breathability of the soil
5. Transportation, construction are easy because it is tough at light weight

1. The soft ground outer layer stability
2. kan*haiseidohokyo
3. Reinforcement of the road roadbed
Article numberfuku (m)Length (m)Reference mass (g/m2)Scale of mesh (mm)Tensile strength (kN/m)Growth rate (%)
The vertical X sideLengthThe sideLengthThe side
IG-4002602007 X 7404025 or less
IG-8002603007 X 8808025 or less
IG-10002305009 X 910010025 or less
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