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Material for the river

GB bag
GB bag
I can use the weatherproof large sandbag GB bag for falseworks for the temporarily temporary construction in the disaster-relief project and this construction enforcement. In addition, use longer-term than a conventional large sandbag is possible and can convert it several times. It is the high-quality product which was superior in a design, developed weatherability, medicine-resistant characteristics based on the "weatherproof large sandbag" in disaster-relief projects setting guidelines.
1. Even if "GB-1T" puts "GB-1Q" (for a long term corresponding article) under the outdoor general terms of use after the progress for three years after the progress for one year, I have appointed strength and it is weatherproof and is superior
2. Because they use polypropylene cloth, they are superior in medicine-resistant characteristics, and the use in cold districts or acid water, alkaline water are available for special use environment. In addition, I can use (strong alkali) including the cement concrete as average filling materials
3. A cost cut is possible by converting it several times
4. The construction method like the conventional large sandbag, a construction heavy industrial machine are available
5. The use materials carry out an endocrine disrupting chemical-containing investigation, and they do not influence environment

■A use:
1. Emergency measure on a river, the shore, the road at the time of the disaster occurrence
2. The deadline mechanic of hateiji
3. The temporary deadline mechanic by shore protection works
4. Temporary roads
 GB bag
Article number Product dimensions (m) Inner capacity (m3) Use indication
GB-1T φ1.1 X 1.1(h) 1 One year
GB-1Q φ1.1 X 1.1(h) 1 Three years
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