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Industrial material business

We quite provided a product for public construction engineering works for half a century since we introduced nonwoven fabric facilities in 1972. Therefore I perform various approaches to make use of fiber (nonwoven fabric and others) which I cultivated, production engineering, processing technique of plastic in the new field and develop a great variety of material from natural fiber material handling conventionally to the latest super fabric in not only the field of engineering works architecture but also the wide field.

Aramid fiber material

The aramid fiber is divided into para-system and meta system in a difference of the molecular structure in the super fabric which had pulling strength, a coefficient of elasticity, heat-resistant, superior organic fiber, toughness lightness of iron. The para-system that is superior in strength is heat-resistant in the uses such as a car tire, a bulletproof jacket, the field of space Airlines, and the superior meta system is a material spreading in the uses such as a car brakes material, fire prevention clothes.

Aramid fiber of Para origin

I produce seats such as mesh, a textile, the knit with an aramid thread and develop it in tunnel, bridge, road or other concrete structures, repair, the reinforcement use nio center of the wooden building wall. The aramid material which is tough at light weight will be the product which is indispensable for the maintenance maintenance of a structure and the building which will increase in future.

Meta system aramid fiber

I produce nonwoven fabric sheets with aramid cotton (short fibers). I am used in the filter that heat resistance is required, other flame uses-proof.

Air filter

I handle various types of nonwoven fabric filters used in the painting processes (painting booth) such as a car, home electric appliances. 
Material: I am developing palm fiber, polyester fiber, aramid fiber, other composite wave filter again in the field of filters such as air conditioners.

Interior material

I produce nonwoven fabric sheets in palm (palm) fiber and am used as cushion bases such as bed mat, the sofa. It is a seat material superior in the durability, reconstruction characteristics, cost performance.
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