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Material for Disaster restoration, measures

Multipurpose still water sheet with reinforcement basis cloth

■For leak of water, erosion measures of the bank body
 Tarp Ron

・I am superior in construction characteristics with large size, a lightweight still water sheet.
・It is superior to a blue sheet in strength properties and endures long-term use.
・I can attach the belt for the setting such as wide processing and a width filler, a sandbag.
・The conversion to other uses is possible after the use.

Weatherproof large sandbag

■For padding, the emergency procedure of the bank body
 GB bag

・It is the large sandbag for public works superior in weatherability, medicine characteristics-resistant.
・Strength not to be damaged even if I put it after the use under the outdoor general condition for one year
  I have weatherability in this.
・Use that I convert it by a use during a period is possible.

Long basket mat building a breakwater method of construction

■For crack, erosion measures of the bank body

・Underwater construction is possible to lift it, and to undertake construction.
・Correspondence to emergency is possible by the storage in the state that filled middle final stage materials. 
・It becomes easy to follow the ground by flexible structure.
・Because it is toed the mark by a partition every 50cm, it does not lose shape.
・Self-respect is big and shows outstanding stability when I install it in the steep slope.

Weatherproof large sandbag

■Bag type root hardening mechanic
 GB unit GBY Eco type

  ・It is flexible and follows the ground and shows a high protection effect.
  ・There is not special construction, and correspondence is possible by heavy industrial machine work quickly.

Blister prevention materials for the river building a breakwater

■For the blister prevention of the building a breakwater lower earth and sand
 Need full mat

  ・Tensile strength 10KN/m, blister prevention materials for the river building a breakwater of thickness 10mm.
  ・I draw it out and it is the authentic sample of prevention materials and has many results.

Impermeable seat for the dike slope

■For prevention of bank body penetration of the river water
 Need full water shielding mat

  ・It is the product which unified a still water sheet and protection mat.
  ・I prevent the penetration in the dike of the river water and raise the safety of the dike.

Erosion prevention seat

■For prevention of erosion of the bank body which I made use of vegetation in 
 Levy guard

・A plant and a unified seat become the artificial rhizome layer, an erosion prevention effect
   I show it.
・I can build the building a breakwater that planted trees.

Multipurpose container

■In bank body method buttocks and reinforcement, senkutsuboshi of the riverbed
 GB unit KST type

・There is not special construction, and the correspondence that is quick by heavy industrial machine work is possible,
   Underwater construction is possible.
・I am superior in strength properties, weatherability, and use that I convert it is possible.
・Tree planting by the covering up seed with soil is possible. 

Use of material example for Disaster restoration, measures

■ Material for the material / storage for urgent measures ■
■ Material for the restoration construction ■
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