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Material for the drainage

Need full ace WT
Need full ace WT
Need full ace (WT-100) is the product which cleared all the examination in the water permeance mat technology manual for the retaining wall of the association of whole country residential land retaining wall technology issuance. It is water permeance mat replaced with gravel used conventionally or rubble as back side drainage materials of the residential land retaining wall.
1. As an internal heart becomes the filament structure, I can greatly secure a void
2. As I can develop it in compression performance, impact resistance-resistant, there is not the drainage-related remarkable drop
3. It is lightweight, and transportation, construction are easy and have rubble and same class above-mentioned performance
4. I am superior in medicine characteristics-resistant, microbe characteristics-resistant

■A use:
1. Back side drainage for the residential land retaining wall
  Need full ace WT
Article number Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
WT-100-25 15 250 2000
WT-100-50 15 500 2000
WT-100-100 15 1000 2000
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