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Material for the river

GB unit GBY Eco type
GB unit GBY Eco type
The GB unit GBY Eco type processed a raschel net made of reproduction polyester fiber (more than 60% of regenerated fiber such as films) into a bag form, and fills gems and stones and broken stone, rubble, a concrete lump to this bag materials in the field, and a root hardening mechanic of the river building a breakwater and the sky edge protection mechanic, a slope protection mechanic, the root hardening mechanic in the point where senkutsuboshiko such as supporting beams, the influence of the wave at the shore are small again are urgently materials to use to the flood control material for measures. All the raschel nets using for a bag squeeze up in with two folds, and a shape of bag materials before the materials filling is the cone that a bottom was tied up.
1. There are moss-green (GR type) and black (BR type), and the net color can choose the color that I added and scenery
2. I use reproduction material more than 60%, and the consumption of resources is controlled and can contribute to the recycling society because there is little load to environment
3. Because the shape of the bag is conic, a net becomes the bunch at the fundal center, and load is a shape to take equally. In addition, forming characteristics after workability at the time of the middle final stage materials filling and the filling are good
4. The materials of the bag are reproduction polyester raschel networks, and a net nodule part is fixed, and the shape of the halftone plate is stable
5. The flattery characteristics to a setting irregularities aspect are good
6. Production, setting is easy and can plan shortening of the term of works

■A use:
1. Root hardening mechanic, sky edge of river bank protection mechanic, slope protection mechanic
2. senkutsuboshiko such as supporting beams
3. Root hardening mechanic in the point where the influence of the wave in the shore part is small
4. Flood control material for urgent measures
■Specifications:  -Product catalogue -
 GB unit GBY Eco type
Article number Type Inner capacity (m3) Product dimensions (m) Hue Halftone plate
GBY-2GR 2t About 1.24 3.0 X 2.0 Moss-green There is hishimokugo; 25mm
GBY-2BR Black
GBY-4GR 4t About 2.5 3.7 X 2.5 Moss-green There is hishimokugo; 25mm
GBY-4BR Black
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